Stairways at venues, are free real state space that has never been used before for commercial purposes. This unused space is visible for TV cameras broadcasting the games or events at the venue.
With STAIRMEDIA, brands can create a much wider impact on clients and potential clients.
STAIRMEDIA offers an innovative, creative and technological approach so that our clients can create new income that otherwise would never exist.

We’ve engineered a hardware system that is compatible and approved by all low voltage regulations worldwide.
With a quick and suit installation process, our hardware can fit easily on any kind of structural features.

With an accurate content development, we can ensure to strike on the visual perception of the audience (tv and venue visitors). We have developed and produced content of great visual impact and this is where STAIRMEDIA becomes an effective and highly visible channel for brands that look for new advertising channels, taking care about the live impact and it’s retransmission through television channels.